• Paul-André Côté

  • Artist - painter

  • I’m inspired by a story

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    -- Biography --

    My inspiration

    I'm walking. I'm looking. I'm searching and touching. I'm so fascinated by human realizations. The big building yard, the structure's personality bewitched my spirit.

    The ART DÉCO style, the RUHLMANN's furniture, the TAMARA de LEMPICKA's paintings and Georgia O'Keeke style feeds my passion for forms, my needs of outline. I grab on to the reality that surrounds me. I let my subject invade my soul, caressing it with my brush white letting it be truth.

    -- Biography --

    I had to learn that inspiration pairs with breathing out, that to take pairs with giving. Creating is breathing and the awakening of all our senses. The canvas becomes flesh, the colours gush out. I finally was ready to touch the acrylic medium!

    Why purchase a CÔTÉ painting? Because a CÔTÉ on your wall would be a timeless work of art where the infinitesimal was not yet part of the infinitely great!