• Paul-André Côté

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    -- Biography --

    My work

    I like new challenges and some level of difficulties. Since High School, I have been haunted by three concepts: Contrast, Luminosity and Space. My search drove me to CORNO’s work, many years ago.

    ln the autumn of 1996, I was charmed by her exhibition and decided, as I was so enthusiastic about it, that I wanted to touch people with my art in the same way. The dry pastel being a similar medium to the lead and colour pencil, I jumped and left the ruler, the other work tool, to explore body language and step out of the frame.

    -- Biography --

    The next step was "to paint", to discover the liquid colour and the brush. I delayed the time where I would have to commit myself. I was preoccupied to find a theme for my exhibition, to put forward my talent, my style, my uniqueness and eager to please my public!